Our Finger Pointer

To point you in the right direction

With our "finger pointer" we would like to guide you in the right direction for all kinds of insurance, financial or other service matters. All links with direct you to only reliable and reputable webpages.

In addition we have collected valuable information for all NATO and British Forces posted to Germany. Should you want to know which rules comply when e.g. importing a vehicle into Germany or you simply want to speak to one of the Licensing Office personnel then this is the quickest way to find your information.

Insurance companies

- à la carte healthcare
   A UK based insurer that looks after and protects the health of individuals,  families and firms all across the globe with a wide and innovative range ofinternational health insurance plans for
   expatriates, travellers and global citizens.


- King & Mayr GmbH & Co. KG
   Specialised destination service & expat support for Germany.
- Moving to Berlin
   You might have or are thinking about moving to Berlin soon? Stefanie Steinborn can help you set up your new life with her years of knowledge and experience.


- The Army Rumour Service
   The UK's largest unofficial military website for the Army, Navy & Airforce.
- Toytown Germany
   An English-language community with discussion forum for Germany with currently over 50000 English speaking active members.