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Private International Plans

The rise of international health insurance

International providers are fast becoming a popular solution to protect you and your family against expensive health care costs that some countries have. Not only are insurers nowadays able to tailor their plans to meet legal requirements of many nations, hence acceptance is guaranteed and VISA’s are issued, but the same plans also provide full medical cover whilst abroad on holiday or travelling the world on business.

Our international health insurance partners

Foyer Global Health - "Moving On With You"

Situated in Luxemburg is a leading insurance company offering expats worldwide comprehensive health plans that meet your needs and offers a comprehensive benefit plan at affordable prices.
You can choose from their Essential, Special and Exclusive plans all of which offer a high level of medical care and will also consider pre-existing conditions, subject to a risk assessment. No hidden exclusion costs and no maximum annual insured-sum applies to any of their plans.

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à la carte healthcare - "They are different because they care"

aLC Healthcare (part of the IMG Group) offer pan-European and worldwide medical cover at a good level of benefits at affordable pricing. Their policies, Prima Classic, Prima Premier or Prima Platinum have a range of benefits with the additional advantage of receiving instant cover via online-application within minutes. In terms of expenses their "cost-effective" Prima Classic plan costs quarterly as little as a German private company charges per month, hence the ideal product for people who simply want to receive a German residence permit (VISA).

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Globality Health - "Exceptional Health Insurance for Expatriates"

Globality S.A., located in Luxembourg, with more than 80 years experience, is a provider of international health insurance specialising in expats studying, living and working abroad. With plans offering 'essential' to 'top' worldwide coverage with 3,000+ experts speaking up to 24 different languages and available 24/7/365.  For expats seeking medical insurance in Germany, in cooperation with the German DKV, Globality have tailored a product called 'YouGenio for Germany'. This includes all benefits required by German legislation, mandatory Long-Term-Care ("Pflegepflichtversicherung") insurance can be added, hence 60 months worry-free stay is guaranteed! 

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Cigna - "Ultimate Medical Insurance"

Cigna Global Health Benefits is under the umbrella of the American Cigna entity. Their standard area of cover is worldwide, providing medical coverage to more than 80 million customers, sales capabilities in 30 countries and more than 37,000 employees to take care of your needs around the clock. In comparison to others, Cigna offer extensive flexibility to tailor any of their 3 plans, as core- and cost-sharing deductibles on both In- & Outpatient treatment, a variety of optional benefits, in-house claim-handling and exceptional cancellation terms. Their standard plan is often compared to a mid-range plan with other providers, thus it does not get any better than Cigna!

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We offer fully recognised international health plans for more favourable premiums

All medical insurance solutions we offer to German residents are approved and accepted!

Whether you are freelance, self-employed, a student, expat or simply currently without occupation, we have got it covered!

As a German resident and not having lived in Germany for more than 60 months at a stretch, it is your right to insure yourself through an international provider! Itself or its underwriter has to be registered with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the plans they offer must fulfil the legal requirements of the lawgiver to receive a initial or renewal VISA from the Foreigner's Office (Ausländerbehörde).

International versus German Health Insurance

Unfortuantely clients often find themself in a pickle when repeatively receiving denial letters on sending in a proposal for German private health insurance.
This is without doubt very frustrating and extremly costly in every aspect.
An international health insurance plan is then not only the last but luckily a more inexpensive option and searching the web one will soon realise that there are many insurers and agents offering cover, advertising that insurance is provided in worldwide, thus suitable for Germany. Yet too often is this not the case and a pinch of scepticism must be allowed. What many advertisors fail to mention is that their products have not been approved by the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), thus are not qualified as a legally adequate substitute, therefore are classed as no more but medical travel insurance, accetped for short-stays in Germany.

German Long-Term-Care & International Medical Insurance

As a client of ERICON broker and holding a international medical insurance plan, you will have the opportunity to purchase mandatory German Long-Term-Care insurance ("Pflegepflichtversicherung").
The combination of both will put raises the level of over health insurance to the 'German standard', making one's stay in Germany 100% legitimate.